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Tortuga Island is famous for her sugar white sand beach, swaying giant palm trees and crystal clear turquoise water. This tiny island, located in the Gulf of Nicoya, displays the Bandera Azul or Blue Ecological Flag earned from the Costa Rican Tourist Board (ICT), where you can see a variety of flora and fauna.

Calypso Cruises created the "world famous" Calypso Island Cruise to Tortuga Island in 1975. After their first visit to Costa Rica, while on a sport fishing trip, David and Cecelia Reid, the owners and founders of Calypso, saw Tortuga Island for the first time. Tortuga Island was uninhabited and an island discovery they wanted to show to the world. It was then the idea of an island cruise was born. Since the first cruise, Calypso has escorted more than 1 million happy passengers on the tour Calypso made world famous.

Enjoy this cruise onboard our luxury yacht catamarán Manta Raya for the 90 minute cruise from the Pacific Port of Puntarenas to the white sand beach and turquoise water of beautiful Tortuga Island.

Calypso’s area is located in the best part of Tortuga Island.

You are invited to participate in the Snorkel Excursion and the Banana Boat Ride, both are included in your purchase of a Calypso Cruise.

Calypso’s area


Calypso has 3 principal areas: • the BBQ and kitchen, • bar and dining, • hammock area.

All areas are for Calypso passengers only during the five hours you will be at Tortuga Island.
Calypso’s whole area is protected from the sun with giant parachutes hanging from the native Pachote trees and each of our dining tables has a white umbrella and is covered in white linen for a casual elegant dining experience exclusive to Calypso Cruises.
Calypso has a full bar with all your favorite tropical cocktails and cold beer.
There is hammock area where you can relax, close your eyes and listen to the soothing sounds of the ocean and the rustle of the swaying coconut palms, while the crew prepares a sumptuous gourmet lunch, featured in Gourmet Magazine.

Casual Elegance

Calypso’s Yacht Catamaran Manta Raya

Calypso’s Yacht Catamaran Manta Raya

Manta Raya was constructed using female molds and epoxy resin biaxial and triaxial cloth with 4-cm high-density PVC core. Kevlar was added in the bow for impact resistance.

Manta Raya was built by an internationally famous marine architect Paul Lindenberg, and is capable of cruising around the world. She has 2 giant nets on the forward decks perfect for sunbathing a meter above the clear waters of the Gulf of Nicoya, 2 small fresh water deck pools and three decks. Licensed to carry 104 passengers, Calypso limits the group size to 85 for more comfort.

Tour Banana Boat


The Banana Boat Ride, included in a Calypso Cruise is very popular and fun for every age.

The banana boat is pulled by a panga with a spotter for safety and has the capacity for 10 passengers.

Tour Snorkeling


No visit to Tortuga Island would be complete without swimming and snorkeling in the beautiful turquoise warm water Tortuga Island is famous for. A small open boat will take you 500 meters off shore and provide a mask, snorkel, fins and an inflatable swimming vest.

After your Calypso guide shows you how to use the equipment you are free to enjoy a pleasant dive and spectacular underwater show of colorful tropical fish.

The Benefits to travel with calypso cruises

+40 años de operaciones

+40 years in opeperation

+1 Millón de turistas felices

+1 Millón happy tourists

5 horas de playa GARANTIZADA

guarantees 5 hours on the beach

90 min en catamarán de lujo

90 min en catamarán de lujo

Autobús con A/C Calypso

A/C bus transportation

Banana boat

Banana boat tour



Sillas de playa

beach chairs

Guía bilingüe

bilingual guide certified by ICT





Almuerzo gourmet

gourmet lunch



Música en vivo

Live music

Servicios Sanitarios

private bathrooms


private dock



snap shots

snap shots


Snorkeling Tour


soft drinks / fruit juices


Aros Flotadores

Air mattresses

cost: $5
Tour Aquanautas

Aquanaut dive

cost: $50
Eco Trail

Eco Trails

cost: $5
Jet Sky

Jet Skis>

cost: $60



cost: $6
Silla Playa

Lounge chairs

cost: $7
Tablas de Remo

Surfboards for rowing across the water

cost: $20


cost: $10

Calypso Cruises created
the Tortuga island cruise in 1975